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Cricut Maker Machine Rose

R9,078.95 Inc VAT

Cricut Maker cuts hundreds of materials from the most delicate fabric and paper to matboard and leather by applying up to 4 kg of force. The rotary blade cuts through virtually any fabric. The knife blade can slice through heavier materials up to 2.4 mm.

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Cricut Sticker Paper

R207.00 R165.60 Inc VAT

Create personalized stickers, labels and decorative accents.

SKU: 093573635076 Category:
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Cricut TrueControl Knife Refill Pack 5/Pkg

R184.00 R147.20 Inc VAT

With razor-sharp edges and piercing tips, these replacement blades designed for the Cricut TrueControl Knife cut through a wide variety of materials, including paper, cardstock, thin plastics, canvas, and more.

SKU: 093573048050 Category:
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Amber Watercolor

R103.50 R82.80 Inc VAT

Create dimensional Deco Foil art on fabric, paper, wood and other porous surfaces.

SKU: 000943530954 Category:
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Cricut Cutting Mat Light Grip 12X24 Light Grip

R391.00 R312.80 Inc VAT

This mat allows you to easily cut and remove common office printer paper, vellum, light cardstock and more!

SKU: 093573575839 Category:
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Cricut Color Multi Pen Set Silver

R287.50 R230.00 Inc VAT

Get a sassy and sophisticated palette in a variety of point sizes with this pen set! Write personal messages in cards and invites in beautiful style or draw perfect shapes or coloring pages with these pens.

SKU: 093573878589 Category:
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